Polska Eire Creative Business Meetings

May 31 Polska Eire Creative Business Meetings


For the first time ever Creative Business Meetings in partnership with Polska Eire Festival are celebrating fusion of Irish & Polish business cultures combined by one unique networking event.


Creative Business Meetings group is an exclusive networking platform which provides opportunity for business minded people to catch up, learn, inspire, motivate & exchange ideas and contacts.


We used to meet up regularly every 6 weeks in Sopot-Polish Restaurant at Mountjoy Square in Dublin, but this time we expect a lot of new faces to join our networking event. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that our 30th Creative Business Meetings conference will be held on Thursday, May 31th 2018 in the Red Cow Hotel, Dublin at 7 pm.


We’re expecting four amazing professional networkers to speak out at the event:


– Helen Walsh, representing Dublin Network


– Kapil Khanna, representing All Ireland Business Summit


– Speaker 3 to be confirmed


– Patricia Mordon, representing Creative Business Meetings (Twórcze Spotkania Biznesowe)


Our amazing presenters Dorota Almeida & Lloyd Chambers will be your hosts on the night.


Our conference is an excellent way to bring business minded people together, to share ideas and learn about new trends, opportunities, networking and business relations.

It is a great opportunity to share best practices while building relationships between like-minded people.


If you’re involved in any business activity, our 30th Creative Business Meetings conference is an event not to be missed.

If your Business is Growing you need help, find it in the right place!


Buy your ticket now and secure your place.


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